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"DIGUO FOOD" is affiliated to DIGUO holding group, which is invested by Hanker International Group (China) Co., Limited and Rizhao Haijun International Group Co., Ltd. The principal business is deep-processing of peanut, walnut etc. The company is a comprehensive food processing and manufacturing enterprise, integrating scientific research, manufacture and trade. The factory is located in the China's largest peanut export base- Junan, Shandong Province, and the export department sets up in the beautiful coastal city-Rizhao.

"DIGUO FOOD" has advanced peanut processing equipment, doing professional production of various kinds of peanuts, walnuts and other products. There is a roasted kernels workshop. Every year it can process 10,000 tons of different kinds of Roasted kernels, for example raw tastes, braised food, salted, south milk taste, garlic and milk tastes; There is a Peanut butter workshop, equipped with three production lines which are imported from USA. Every year it can process 20,000 tons of all kinds of peanut butter with different tastes; There is a Peeling workshop. Every year it can process 15,000 tons of grading raw kernels and peeling raw kernels; There is a baking workshop which can process 10,000 tons of roasted peanut kernels and cut up roasted peanut every year.

"DIGUO FOOD" is in line with "honest, pragmatic and efficient" business philosophy, always puts product quality as the first. The company has passed the ISO, food safety management system certification, BRC certification, production license QS quality and safety certification and HALAL certification. In addition to the major provinces and cities throughout China, our products are also exported to the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and other dozens of countries and regions, and our products have got consistent high praise in the global market.

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